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  • Jared Fowler - Ile Du Nord, 2013

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    I made a chart of some bioluminescent species! Full image on

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    1. you think it’s pretty?
    2. wear it

    okay but idk how i’m gonna wear you.

    Oh you smooth fuck

    you obviously haven’t read silence of the lambs

    This went to a great place. 

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  • LAYLA - Holes (Live) - from Black Mud EP

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    Hannibal cinematography: bird’s eye view 

    These extremely high angle shots position the camera directly above the subjects for an unnatural top-down view. Such shots make the subjects appear small and powerless. They frequently depict subjects who are dead, dying or victimised: here death is the ultimate loss of agency.

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  • Anonymous asked : Do you ever think you'll stop drawing fanart? No offense it just seems like the kind of thing you're supposed to grow out of. I'm just curious what your plans/goals are since it isn't exactly an art form that people take seriously.


    Ah, fanart. Also known as the art that girls make.

    Sad, immature girls no one takes seriously. Girls who are taught that it’s shameful to be excited or passionate about anything, that it’s pathetic to gush about what attracts them, that it’s wrong to be a geek, that they should feel embarrassed about having a crush, that they’re not allowed to gaze or stare or wish or desire. Girls who need to grow out of it.

    That’s the art you mean, right?

    Because in my experience, when grown men make it, nobody calls it fanart. They just call it art. And everyone takes it very seriously.

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